Our education was in repairing equipment, this gives us a deep knowledge on where the natural weak points are, and more important, what lasts. Crafting sewn equipment over a generation has given Kletterwerks a perspective on how to truly build something properly. We spend time ensuring our designs are to perfection, our seams undeniably strong, and our materials, the best in the world.

Furthermore, to put our money where our mouth is, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY



Early in his career, Dana recognized the need for a tougher pack material. Until then, the standard available fabric deemed satisfactory was an uncoated 420d “pack cloth” that had been developed for the old Alice rucks. Dana wanted something tougher for climbing; carrying hardware and a rope, as well as throwing it to the ground. 420D would get destroyed in this environment.
Dana was, at the time, climbing up in the Devils Lake area in Wisconsin, known for its abrasive Quartzite; excellent testing ground for new fabrics. Enter Cordura.

Cordura Nylon was originally engineered by DuPont to make stronger tires, as the fiber was textured to have a rough appearance that allowed the rubber to be molded together with the tire cord, thus making tires safer for high speed travel. When woven into fabric, that “air textured” fiber became Cordura, with awesome abrasion resistance and a cool new look. A new generation is born as Dana re-purposes this modern fabric in pack building.

Almost 40 years later 1000d Cordura continues to be an industry leader and we continue to use this game changing material in all our products.



All main zippers are YKK #10, and all lid and pocket zippers are YKK #8, we don’t settle for less. All zipper sliders are electroplated with nickel; this produces a far more durable zipper than painted sliders. All zipper sliders have  the original custom Kletterwerks leather zip pull.



A key component to any bag. We’re constantly searching for the best, and Waterbury has proven they are. Sun, rain, sweat, or car doors; these are built to last. All steel with nickel plating.

Tabler Buckle: a single bar ladder lock stamped out of steel and electroplated with nickel. This is our main compression piece.

Tabler Hook: This was a logical jump on function built into the classic tabler buckle we wish was available to us a long time ago. This buckle will hold as well as the classic tabler buckle but the hook lets the user quickly disengage without threading web. Also, beautifully nickel plated.

Double bar: This dependable double bar ladder lock remains flat to its sewn surface. We use them on the shoulder pads to keep the web from slipping while being worn.

Welded Wire loop: simple stainless steel bent into a wire loop with the ends welded together for strength.

Rounded web slide: Used primarily for adjustments on shoulder straps



We’ve re-created the vintage Kletterwerks logo patch, found on each pack, bag and accessory.  Each patch is stamped out of the original dies found here in Bozeman from the original manufacturers.  Authentic.